About Us


Mysore Shankar Ayurveda Pharmacy, the front runner in Kerala to stamp an indelible mark in Ayurveda treatment and medicine manufacturing sectors, continues its saga of success…When Ayurveda firms were just making all kinds of medicines, our founder late Dr.K.K.Gopalan started Mysore Shankar Pharmacy in 1965 at Shimoga, Karnataka to give solace to millions suffering from big diseases. From the day one to the present, the fruits of his virtues and the medicines prepared with utmost quality continue to provide relief to patients. Those who didn’t cure from places and from any medicines finally find the real treatment from here. Here the most effective medicines and treatments are provided for those who suffer from acute asthma, chest infection, eosinophilia, chronic cough, cold, bronchitis, chronic sneeze and all other breath disorders.

For those who want to undergo treatments, medicines and other details are available by post/ courier also. For this, contact the pharmacy at Mysore Shankar Ayurveda Pharmacy, Vyttila, Kochi-682019, Kerala, in person or by email.